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The Economy of Crypto

The pioneering cryptocurrency – Bitcoin - emerged only ten years ago, and since its inception, the cryptocurrency economy has grown exponentially. Digital assets or tokens, are now being used in the everyday world to trade in the everyday necessities. Through phone applications, users trade in cryptocurrency to pay subscriptions or bills, to purchase goods online and to download applications. These are only a few examples. In truth, the list of uses for cryptocurrency is potentially endless.

And it is not just the individual user trading in crypto. This new online economy has been adopted by small and medium enterprises such as Etsi and Fiver for example. These businesses in particular, need flexible ways to pay salaries and monthly overheads in a way that’s more efficient for business than traditional banking. They have found cryptocurrency to be the optimum way to do this. Further, we must consider the significant number of companies that work in the area of cryptocurrency development. Many of these already pay their staff in some form of digital currency. With company adoption comes community growth and as we can already see, the cryptocurrency economy is growing much faster and larger than expected.

We are not alone. We know this. But we are unique.

There are several companies developing or running services similar to Chripment. However, we believe that these companies don’t meet the scale of development required to meet the growing market needs. If we can become a leading company in this field now, we will have the upper hand in the global finance services in years to come. We believe our product can deliver this. It’s similar in its own way to when banks first arrived hundreds of years ago. Or companies who began working in communications in the early 1980’s. The early players in a growing field are the ones who become the economic dinosaurs we see today.

There is no turning back now. Cryptocurrencies are well and truly here. We at Chripment don’t want to wait to see what happens, we want to take initiative now and fulfill the needs of cryptocurrencies growing economy.

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